The shoe is better because we can use ecologically sound materials with the perfect properties in the high-tech 3D printing process

The shoe is manufactured on the basis of a precise foot scan. Every bump in the foot is registered and the shoe fits like a second skin.

Fit - Guarantee

If you have problems with the fit of your shoes, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price if we cannot fix the problem.

We are avid cyclists - and at least one of us has feet that always hurt. Whether that was due to the feet or shoes, let's leave it out. In any case, we didn't want to be satisfied with the fact that there shouldn't be a perfectly fitting shoe. We researched materials and high-tech processes until we had the HELU ONE. The shoe is amazing.

Yes, that's right. But it's worth every penny. Because the production process is complex, all three components are Champions League. And the shoes are ecologically top. But the most important thing: They really have a wearing comfort that is second to none. Because honestly, what good does it do you to be on top material and come home with aching feet at the end?

Many of our friends have been with us through the development process for quite a while. We want to reward them because the Collectors Edition is something very special and shows that the owner is a cycling pioneer. Everyone can see that these shoes are something very exclusive. We think this is a good start for our customers.

Because the shoe is a high-tech product, we will add some extra quality check loops to the limited Collectors Edition. We want to be absolutely sure that our customers are holding a perfect product in their hands. That takes time, which we take. Care comes before speed. In addition, a limited edition also allows us to plan our production capacity.

But if you have a specific date when you need the shoes, please let us know. We are currently assuming delivery of the first shoes in February. First come first serve applies here.

The Fidlock closure takes the best of mechanical detents and combines it with magnetic forces. The perfectly balanced magnet guides the individual components, causing them to snap shut automatically with an audible click - the mechanical detent ensures a secure hold. You can quickly open the closure with one hand and adjust it gradually if your foot so desires. And even while driving.

Probably at the beginning of January we will ask you to measure your feet via a brand new app and only a few weeks later you will hold your personal, individualized, tailor-made pair in your hands.

Anticipation is the greatest joy: you have to do nothing, we'll get back to you.

Probably at the beginning of January, we will ask you to measure your feet using a brand new app. All you need is your I-Phone and ideally the help of a friend to take the pictures.

If you don't have an I-Phone, borrow a mobile phone. We do not collect any personal data and are already working on a solution for Android customers. First of all, it was important for us to have a good scan quality and to be able to start it.